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Type: Volume

Volume control is pretty boring, I admit it: there isn't much sexy gear dedicated to the raising and lowering of volume. Nevertheless, it's awfully important stuff, as my search for a volume pedal was as long and difficult as my search for the right phaser and the right high-gain distortion. Boosts are an integral part of my distortion tone and real-time volume swells are a very cool and dramatic technique... and for as unexciting as the actual equipment may be, one needs the right gear to manage these functions. I go through volume pedals like crazy; I'm pretty hard on those guys.

Volume Pedals

BJF Baby Pink
Boss FV-500L
Ernie Ball Jr Volume
DOD FX-17 Wah/Volume
Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
FCV-100 Volume Pedal/Voltage controller
Digitech XP-1000 (jetpackmods)
Guyatone SV2 Slow Volume
Morley Wah/Volume
Bespeco Volume


Pedal Builders

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