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Type: Multi

The concept of the multi-effect is not terribly appealing to me, and gets less appealing with each additional feature (topping out at those "all in one" tone solutions that have every effect you could ever ask for and capped by the simulation of any amp you want). The problem with them, in my opinion, is that every piece of gear has a sonic personality, an inherent character, which lends itself to the kind of homogeny where no matter how you set the million effects in your Super Processor 1000, you always sound like you're playing through Super Processor 1000.

I do have a few multi-effects boxes, more often than not purchased because they do one thing or another that I couldn't find elsewhere... making them interesting additions to a signal chain if that specific sound is needed.

Multi Effects Pedals

Zoom 506 Bass Multi FX
Korg Ampworks Bass
Electrix Mo-Fx
Boss WP-20G Wave Processor
Digitech XP300 Space Station


Pedal Builders

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