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Type: Pitch

Pitch effects are one of those neat luxuries afforded us by the ever-dropping cost of digital hardware. Years back, pitch shifters and harmonizers were only owned by the richest and most flamboyant players (though the old analog octave dividers have always been on the table), and now we can all have stompbox harmonizers and Whammy pedals. No one mistakes these things for the top-dollar Eventide rack processors, but it's nice to have them in the mix, regardless.

I tend to use my Pitch effects at the front of a signal chain, generally serving as the "oscillator" of the floor based synth that is my pedalboard.

Pitch Pedals

Digitech Bass Whammy
Boss HR-2 Harmonist
MI Audio Pollyanna
MXR M103 Blue Box
Digitech XP-1000 (jetpackmods)
Boss OC-2 Octave


Pedal Builders

ubik. is Seattle's premier psy-prog drift core band. All shows are playable-- it's all relevant.