ubik. makes sounds. That is the point


A Hideous Triumph of Form and Function
©2011 Available at CDBaby.com
The World Is a Glorious
Biomechanical Nightmare
©2008 Available at CDBaby.com
Miscellany and Extras


  1. eltit gnos
  2. no mind in panoramic
  3. happenstance
  4. no such thing as an
    open-ended equation
  5. cyclocosmia
  6. bloody indecision
  7. a lie, by definition
  8. the planet's kerploding!


  1. !!!!!!
  2. Disrepair
  3. Seven Feet Under
  4. Glitch
  5. The Spangler
  6. External Retraction
  • A Lie By Definition (Compilation Version)
  • Let's Hunt and Kill Gwen Stefani

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