From A Hideous Triumph
of Form and Function
©2011 Available at

eltit gnos

strive for mediocrity
hold the truth "we are one in just the same"
but you're broken, you are the enemy
nothing to prove except for nothing in itself
keeping dry, keeping dry

now with such a prophecy
you can drop and discard all the dreams you may have had
for the dead, for the simplicity
for recycled distant memories, so bland
keeping dry, keeping dry

more of you
showing through
open mind
rise and shine

among the barely breathing
among the once so desperate slaves
you sat and watched the night sky
in fear of open space.
and undetermined thoughts
galaxies and stars
made you wish for womb eternal
the broken image of your heart

and in your hands such limited potential: unjust

yrd gnipeek
flesti ni gnihton rof tpecxe evorp ot gnihton
ymene eht era uoy, nekorb re'uoy tub
"emas eht tsuj ni eno era ew" hturt eht dloh
ytircoidem rof evirts.