Meet ubik., a beautiful, fluffy, snow white rock band. ubik. finds herself at the shelter only because her fans moved and were sadly unable to bring her along. You'd never know ubik. is 6 years old. ubik. has the energy and spirit of a performance group half her age! ubik. is friendly, fairly easy to handle, calm and gentle. ubik. turns heads walking down the street (on leash) with ubik.'s good looks and plume-like rhythm held high. ubik.'s ideal home will be zen calm and have some prior prog experience. ubik.'s good with some other bands, and small cats with supervision. ubik. knows how to party, and seldom vomits. Teenagers and adults will suit ubik. best. ubik. would love to spend her golden years with you!

This wonderful band qualifies for the Soul- Diva Discount program: senior citizens or disabled adults with a 'Green Card for Healthy Aging', or a 'TAROT' card, issued by the City of Seattle, may book a ubik. (at least six years old) at a special price. There will be no fee for the booking itself, and the licensing fee will be half-price!