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2014 Past Shows

2013 Past Shows

08.26.13 - 09.02.13 at Burning Man
ubik. travels to the desert,
builds a venue,
plays some a shows.

08.11.13 at The Highline
with Lungs (MN),Christdriver, & Coughin' Nails

07.16.13 A Benefit for Durty at The Highline
with Sok & the Faggots, FuckedFromBirth, ubik., Poop Attack!, Kids on Fire, & Wolfhammer3

06.27.13 at Re-Bar
w/ Bullet Club, Local Dudes

06.07.13 at El Corazon
w/ Blicky, Scorpiknox, Led Askew, and Mixed Messages

04.21.13 at The Kraken
with Czar, Odyssey, and Burning of I

04.13.13 at The Trap
with Shedu

03.29.13 at The Highline
with Diminished Men, Castle, and Spacebag

2012 Past Shows

12.15.12 Hail Santa! @ The Josephine
with Skelator, Phalgeron, Sarcalogos, Inebriator, and V.D.

11.30.12 at The Mars Bar
with Rotties and School Shootings

09.28.12 at The Josephine
with (waning)

09.23.12 at The Foggy Notion (Portland)
with Nasalrod & Ix

09.21.12 at Ash-Hole Studios (Boise)
with Nasalrod, Gernika, 1d, & Raid

07.21.12 at The Rat & Raven
w/ Aranya, Ix, and Cerebral Cortez

07.20.12 at Beer Metal Summer Camp
w/ Crop, Shakin' Michael J, Gutter Gourmet, Negative Hole, and Satanic Blood Ritual

06.15.12 at Floyd's Place
w/ Disruption

04.24.12 World Famous Kenton Club (Portland, OR)
w/ Lickity, Aranya, & Rotties

04.22.12 Eli's Mile High Club (Oakland, CA)
w/ Cardinal Wyrm & Spectre

04.20.12 Oak Park Boyz House (Sacramento, CA)
w/ (waning) & 30.06

04.19.12 Shenanigans (Sacramento, CA)
w/ Competing

04.17.12 Burt's Tiki Lounge (Salt Lake City, UT)
w/ The Delphic Quorum, Nine Worlds, & Sky as Sin

04.16.12 Muse Music (Provo, UT)
w/ Settle Down, The Delphic Quorum
& Radio Broadcast

04.12.12 Tour Kickoff! at The Comet
w/ Kinski, Elk Rider, & Princess

2011 Past Shows

12.25.11 A Very Ubik Christmas
at The Josephine
w/ Gutter Gourmet, Vanity Mirrors, 7 Year Old Blind Girl, & Cake & Bowls

12.16.11 Plural Mural House
w/ Lickity, Rollerball, & Wax Edison

11.26.11 CD Release Show
at The Josephine
w/ 7 Year Old Blind Girl, Lickity, & Glass Tunnels

10.21.11 The Know (Portland)
w/ Lord Dying, Hazzard's Cure, & Winter in the Blood

ubik.s 100th show!

09.16.11 Rob's House of Love!
w/ Potbelly, Cake'n'Bowls, Alcohjana, Gutter Gourmet, The Porn Stars of Horror, Negative Hole

08.13.11 White Trash House Party
w/ Weekender, Party Tribe Trolls, & Airpocalypse

08.08.11 Monday Metal Madness @ the 2 Bit Saloon
w/ Blood of Martyrs, Panzergod, & Elks Blood

06.21.11 The Funhouse
w/ Obol, Terror Eyes, & Moya

06.18.11 DWIght Power's Dirty 30 @ Tony V's
w/ 7 Year Old Blind Girl, Cake n' Bowls, & Gutter Gourmet

03.18.11 The Galway Arms
w/ Mountainss, The Mother's Anger, Prawnyxx, & Cake n Bowls

2010 Past Shows

12.25.10 Christmas Party
w/ 7 Year Old Blind Girl & Numb

12.14.10 The Highline
w/ Absence of Light, The Bell Witch

12.04.10 Pocket Sandwich
w/ Absence of Light, Fugue, & Honduran

10.30.10 Happy Halloween at The Galway Arms
w/ Squalora, Barefoot Barnacle, & Salo

10.15.10 Chop Suey
Rockers and Rollers 5
w/ Lucid Spiral & Shedu

7.22.10 Galway Arms
w/ The Mall, Adarna, & Lasers for Eyes

7.16.10 The Rendezvous
w/ Labryrinth & the Desert, Michelle Pannell, & Fire or Flood

4.10.10 Octal's Birthday @ The Morgue
w/ Goly Grim, Mindless Thuggs, & Neutralboy

@ The Josephine
w/ Lasers For Eyes, Sean, Noise-A-Tron & Same-Sex Dictator

2009 Past Shows

12.19.09 526 Trashcan House
w/ Church Burner, 7 Year Old Blind Girl, & Shadow Of The Torturer

2009 West Coast Tour

9.23.09 Plan B (Portland)
w/ Christian Mistress & Spectral Tombs

9.21.09 Java Lounge (Sacramento)
w/ Rabbits, Times of Desperation, Iguanadon, & Dissident Aggressor

9.21.09 In-Store performance at R5 Records (Sacramento)

9.19.09 Annie's Social Club (San Francisco)
w/ 2 Frail, Savi0r,& The Hallowed Din

9.18.09 Thee Parkside (San Francisco)
w/ Floating Goat, Sodomy Wizard, & The Devil's Own

9.16.09 Java Lounge (Sacramento)
w/ Flower Violence

9.15.09 Plea For Peace Center (Stockton)

9.13.09 Epic Space (Eugene)
w/ Big Bike Ride & Shgora

9.12.09 The Know (Portland)
w/ Stag Bitten & Blicky

9.11.09 Josephine Tour Kickoff!
w/ The Ever Changing Sky, More Bells, Then Whistles, & Armed With Legs

8.14.09 The FBK House
w/ Requin, GALDR, & Attitude Problem

7.03.09 Manifesto Glass Studio closing down party
w/ Trenchmouth

4.29.09 The Funhouse
w/ Skwish, & Fairies Wear Boots

4.25.09 The Monkey Pub
w/ Blicky

1.31.09 The Know (Portland)
w/ Order Of The Gash & 57 Octaves Below

1.30.09 Slim's (Portland)
w/ Mongoloid Village, Exit Collapse, & Brown

2008 Past Shows

12.19.08 The Rendezvous Michelle's birthday party
w/ The Ever Changing Sky, & John Wayne Autopsy

10.25.08 The Greenhouse Spinach (Mushroom) of Hell in 3-D Parade Pt. 4
w/ Anon Remora, & Brothers of the Sonic Cloth

8.29.08 ArtEuro's End of Summer Bash

8.14.08 The Funhouse
The King's Cabaret w/ Dino Haak

7.5.08 Benefit for Metal in Iraq @ The Rendezvous
w/ The Keeper & Shogun

4.18.08 Narwhal vs. Unicorns House Party
w/ Rad Touch

3.22.08 Goofy's
w/ Only Human & Holotype

3.07.08 House Party
w/ Year Of The Serpent, & The Ever Changing Sky

1.05.08 The Rendezvous
w/ Leeni & Desmond

2007 Past Shows

12.23.06 The Roanoke
w/ The Keeper